Client Testimonials

I was 60 years old, becoming very sedentary and feeling overwhelmed from long work hours and had no energy. My daughter gave me some free sessions for private Pilates classes with Tonya as a Christmas present. I used my free sessions and by the third one I learned that I loved Pilates.

I am amazed every day with the strength, balance and tone I have gained since starting these private sessions. I now have energy, strength, muscle and a whole new outlook on being over 60! Almost every session I am amazed at the balance and core strength I have gained. I remember posting something on Facebook about wishing I could do the exercise my daughter, Marissa, did…I think I can now – thanks to Tonya!


-Noreen Wood

In our daily struggle of keeping in shape and working out, I have had the privilege of being associated with many personal trainers and instructors.I think it fair to say that there are the haves and have-nots. Granted they all have the very best results in mind for us with some putting forth a gallant effort. Others just seem to have that natural and canny ability to rise to the top, not to mention the hours and hours of dedicated hard work involved. Tonya Lenheim definitely has truly perfected and crafted her trade as the best in the business specializing in bone and muscular training. Through many years of intense and dedicated experience, she truly is a great teacher and mentor.

I have worked with her for the past two years, and have the utmost respect for her teaching methods and motivational skills. I have had the privilege of one on one training with her on the pilates’ machines in her new studio. This equipment is cutting edge technology and believe me, Tonya is a perfectionist and a true professional in her teaching techniques. If you are dedicated and truly want the best for your mind and body, then you owe it to yourself to work with the best. I write this testimonial with the sincere knowledge that Tonya is that person.

-Linda Dentinger

I have never been a fan of working out – ever. I used to drag myself to the gym every so often and get a mediocre workout, always feeling like I wanted to be in better shape but couldn’t get there.I broke my leg in April of 2011 and knew I would gain a bunch of weight, not being able to work and play with my son like I normally would. Tonya suggested I try Pilates, since there is no impact and I could even do it with my leg in a boot. As soon as a I had my first session, I knew it was a fit for me…

Tonya got me into the best shape of my life and I actually look forward to my sessions! I have since lost 3 pant sizes, have more energy than I have ever had and actually enjoy working out!

-Marissa Gastwirth

I quit working out at the gym a year before I met Tonya. I had a bad lower back, rotator cuff injury, and work became too busy (I had plenty of excuses for not going). I threw my back out in January of 2011 and decided enough was enough; I would try to strengthen my core.

A good friend gave me Tonya’s name, so I called the Pilates Gal. Tonya has trained this 53 year old into fitness! For the past 2 years, we have worked out together twice a week. She has whipped me into shape! I am stronger and smaller. I lost 15 lbs and four inches off my waist! Work outs are never dull or easy, but the payoff is good health.

Tonya is my guru!

-Mary Robbins

I had never taken a Pilates class, let alone private instruction. I can tell you that Tonya’s energy and expert instruction keeps me going, pushing myself, and pushing the muscles that I did not know even existed.

I feel better, I stand straighter and I think it has even helped my snow skiing. Go figure. I feel stronger each week and want to thank Tonya for such great work outs! Overall, I just feel better. I highly recommend Tonya’s personal Pilates training.

-Desire Hunter

In a little over a year, Tonya transformed me from a weak, shaky grandma to a strong, confident grandma. Strengthening my core improved by balance and stamina. With Pilates, I stand taller and expect to live a longer, healthier and more active life.


-Jodi Loomis

I’m 59 years old, and I can’t tell you how you have changed my life with your introduction to Pilates and your class. I’m stronger than I’ve been a really long time.

I got sick when I was 47 years old and have dealt with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia symptoms which includes dealing with chronic pain for a very long time. The good news is I’m getting better.

Thank you for teaching at the gym; I would never have the opportunity to take from you otherwise.


-Leta Frisch

Tonya is a highly professional Pilates Instructor and Trainer. She is disciplined and expects her clients to give their best efforts. She is also careful to ensure exercises are done safely and in proper form. I’m 67 and have trained with her three times a week for three years now, and I have no hesitation in recommending her!


-Adron Coldiron

I started training with Tonya in January 2012 with a bulging disk in my lower back and 85% use of my shoulder as a result of an earlier surgery. I appreciate Tonya’s constant focus on my form and teaching me how to train my muscles to respond so that they can initiate on their own correctly. She was able to identify my weak areas and then teach me exercises that target and strengthen them. I sincerely appreciate and respect Tonya’s expertise.


-Ginny Meacham

I have scoliosis, which has been causing me lower back pain for about 8 years. About 3 years ago, I tried Pilates for the first time – Tonya’s mat class – and it has helped a lot, but this year it was clear that just being stronger didn’t stop my curvature from getting worse.

So, I asked Tonya if she could help me stop the progress of the curvature. I’m overjoyed by the results! In only 5 months, I can see visible reduction in the unevenness I’ve had for years, and I have significantly improved range of movement.

She definitely exceeded my expectations. Tonya taught me how to do all my normal exercises in a way that directly addresses my own issues, and has made me optimistic for the first time ever about managing scoliosis as I get older. Thank you Tonya!!


-Jody Warren

Think Pilates is for babies, think again. You will work, you will sweat, you may even cry or throw a tantrum, but most definitely, you will get stronger!


-Melissa Stewart

I started doing Pilates almost two years ago as a supplement to my regular fitness routine of running/brisk walking. Over that period I’ve noticed changes in my body that I never noticed with running alone. My core is much stronger, my muscles are more toned overall, and I have developed an awareness of balance and posture that has helped me with my neck and shoulder issues.

I think Tonya is an excellent trainer. We work on long term goals like strengthening my neck and back. At the same time she is happy to accommodate short term objectives like preparing for a beach vacation. She encourages and motivates her clients push themselves and go for that extra 30 seconds, or that one last teaser. She is also very diligent about helping you maintain the correct form and maximizing the effectiveness of the workout. And yes – you will not forget about that pelvic floor!

I enjoy Pilates and I love working with Tonya. I encourage anyone looking for a fun, low impact, highly effective workout to give it a try.


-Lena Janus

I love working with Tonya. She is calm and patient and has a great sense of humor. she listens then starts you on a personal program. She can make the workouts quite challenging or a little easier. I have fibromialgia and she carefully worked with me so as not to cause the fibro to flare up.

I highly recommend her services!


-Kristy Herrick

Seriously, just call Tonya. I’ve destroyed my hips from running and nobody has been able to do anything about it until I started doing Pilates with Tonya. My form has improved and I’m training for ultra marathons and my hip pain is under control and starting to become a thing of the past. She’s patient and funny and really knows her stuff.


-Taryn Graham